Bookmark Note | iPhone iOS App

Bookmark Note | iPhone iOS APP


Catch Questions 9th Series, iPhone APP, Bookmark Note has now been on APP store.

The feature of this app is that you can make the web link of your favorite URL with your note.

You can also forward URLs to Apple Watch so that you can check the web information from your Apple Watch. On Apple Watch, you can only check the text information on web but it makes the quick browsing possible.

Now, let me show you how it works
After you start the app, you can see three URLs with blue underlines. By tapping them, Safari will open and their web pages will be shown.

You can also edit the yellow text area by double tapping. After you edit it, you can save your text from the SAVE button on upper left. Your saved data will be stored on the slot below. To close the keyboard, swipe down with two fingers. Try it again. If you would like to delete the saved data, press the button of “delete” on upper right.

To add new text, change the slot to “reset”. You can make new text. By tapping the button of “QR”, you can read some text from QR code. The read information will be added on the text area.

Finally, let me show you how to transfer the text information to Apple Watch. Please open the app on Apple Watch beforehand. And then, press the button of “to Apple Watch”. Now, you can see the text on Apple Watch.

Try to press the button of “Jump to URL” on Apple Watch. You can see the web information from Apple Watch.

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks!

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