iOS APP Catch Questions series ranking!

iOS APP Catch Questions series ranking on August 2018!

Here, let me show you the top 5 of their downloads.

No 1. Remote Video Controller
No 2. Remote Music Controller
No 3. Search Web Text
No 4. Presentation Remote Controller
No 5. Memo Speaker

Remote APPs are very popular all over the world. But recently, Memo Speaker has jumped in the top 5 list. It doesn’t have any punch line in its function but is actually useful. Only the simple memo function helps me to take memo without iPhone. So, I add it on the shortcut of my Apple Watch with the complication setting. Scribble was helpful more than expected.

How about the top 5 of countries?

No 1. USA
No 2. Japan
No 3. China
No 4. Germany
No 5. Canada

My advertising is in English or in Japanese so I understood the top 2. However, I have to admit the power of China is remarkable. They tend to download some apps even if they are not explained in Chinese. Some of Chinese customers told me to write the explanation guide in Chinese. I was very appreciated.