Presentation Remote Controller | Apple Watch App

Presentation Remote Controller | Apple Watch App



Catch Questions 6th Series. I will tell you Apple Watch App titled Presentation Remote Controller.

This Apple Watch App can work with not only iPhone but also iPad so that you can make presentation remotely. Apple Watch cannot pair with iPad but with the convention of other app titled Presentation Remote Projector, you can make it possible.

Now let me show you how it works.

Here, there are two devices, iPad with Presentation Remote Projector and Apple Watch with Presentation Remote Controller.

At first, you need to set up to create ID and Keyword. Any English sting is fine for ID so select Auto ID. It will make the current date as your ID. On the other hand, for keyword, I would recommend you to make the easy word so that you can set up easily later on iPad. I will make “Kwd” as my keyword.

After you set up on iPad with the key word, it’s time to install some pictures from your album. I will pick up 3 pictures for this example. And, you can see these pictures on the table. In this condition, select ANTTENA button. It will start the remote presentation. Now you can see how I control the presentation by Apple Watch.

You can also install PDF file from an attached file on mail. You only tap the designated button for the installation.

The PDF file can also controlled by Apple Watch like this.

That’s all for today.


Remote Presentation (Next Slide Please!)Remote switch of your presentation controller for iPadNo worry about connection distance (Control it from opposite side of the earth)Your files are not sent to any server you don't know.PDF files can be installed from attached file of your mail easily.Following two apps via internet can make controller and projector. Presentation Remote Projector Presentation Remote Controller