Have a look at CQ-Video

I am now interested in the possibility of video. That is why I added CQ-Video page. If you are beginner of Catch Questions, please visit it and get a hint of how to use it.


Here is the brief script.

Video Link


Hello, this is Shin.
In this video, let me explain how to use iPhone APP catch questions.

After starting the app, you can see Catch page at the top.
This is like a folder manager for your questions.

By tapping the catch word, you can go to the question page.
In this page, you can set your questions.

When you go back to the previous catch page, tap here at the upper left.

Now, let’s start to study foreign language.

French, German, Korean, Chinese…. any language would be fine.
But, in this video, let me explain it for Japanese because I am Japanese.

So, let me name it as Japanese Study for catch word.

Next, set the questions.

For speaking foreign language, there are common questions like self-introduction, hobby, or your family. Let me set them.

After you made enough of questions, it is time to start the test. You can go to the test page here at the upper center.

Your question would pop up like this. Try to answer your questions in foreign language for your study. In this page, you can proceed with these buttons at the upper right.

From this button, the recording will start. You don’t have to name the record file. Now, let me speak in Japanese.

1. 私の名前はShinです。30代後半で日本に住んでおります。私がCatch Questionsを開発しました。

After finish recording by tapping pencil button, you can make some memo like this. After making memo, you can set the review from glasses button. From here, you can check your voice like this.

You can also set T-rate. With this rate, you can bring your questions at the test. This is meant to be used for your efficient practice.

Anyway, let’s go to the next question.

Speaking about hobby.
2. 私の趣味はiPhoneアプリを作ることです。このアプリは初めてiTunesストアでリリースされました。無料ですのでおためしください。

Now your family
3. 私には妻と猫がおります。今猫は後ろで寝ております。実はこの猫が本アプリの開発のヒントとなりました。

After you finish the test, you can go back to the previous page from the upper left.

You can also check your recorded voice from here. After scroll this, please choose your record. You can go to the next questions from this button and check the next record.

That’s all for this video. Thank you for your listening.