Imprint something in your subconscious mind with rhythm.

Is there any TV CM which sticks around your mind without knowing? I think one of the famous TV CM would be about Apple. As you know, Apple is the famous company which created iPhone and produced several influential TV CM all over the world. Actually, I like the idea of Steve Jobs and some of TV CM he created moved me so often at that time.

But, in this time, let me introduce the other famous apple from Japan. It is now very famous on Japanese TV but world widely, it may be well known on YouTube. You know?

Yes, it is “PenPineAppleApplePen” produced by Japanese comedian, Pikotaro!

The strange costume of his may be one of the factors which made himself so popular but I think his real secret attraction is in the other part. According to his reputation from his friends or other Japanese comedians, he doesn’t perform well when it counts. He is too strategic about comedy to lose his punch line on air so he sometimes thought to be not so fanny for a long time. This may also be based on his character of that he is so weak against some pressure.

That is why the short movie like YouTube can be the strong tool for him. He can prepare his comedy art as he want. One of his unique art is the rhythm in the BGM. We Japanese traditionally like easy and simple rhythm. Japanese poetry of Hiku is the one of the example. Not only Hike but also traditional Japanese songs of Enka are all base on very simple rhythm.

Compared with English, the pronunciation of Japanese itself may be so simple that all of Japanese words can be pronounced by Japanese as long as it is written in Hiragana. This is because all of the letters are separated clearly making simple rhythm.

Why are those Japanese sound so simple?

I think the reason is that it is easy to remember. The simpler rhythm the thing has, the more people would remember it. This is the trick of Japanese TV CM including the strategy of Pikotaro. If you have a chance, please have a look at the other Japanese TV CM including my original CM at the top page. Have fun?

This is one of the way to imprint something in your subconscious mind.