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Catch Questions third edition. This movie is for Apple Watch App.
Today, I will tell you the app, titled “Search Web Text”.

You can make the shortcut with the setting of complication.
Please try it in this way.

You can browse the text on internet with this App. Of course, you can use this on iPhone, but you can prevent heavy contents such as picture or movie so it is useful for Apple Watch to search something quickly with its limited CPU.

Now, let me explain it.

First, under the condition of internet connection, start this App. You can see the blue button, titled “Search URLs”. Please tap it and voice input will be called. Make sure your language with force touch here before you tap the button.

Now, let me input “Steve Jobs” as the search word.

After a few seconds, you can see several links.

This App only show the text information on web so I would recommend you would select text page such as Wikipedia.

After you tap the link, you can see the inner page. You can also search some text within the page. Tap the button of “Text Search”.

Here you can see the word of “Steve Jobs” from your history. You can also tap it for your quick search.

Now, the button is changed in red. In this mode, you can search the next word with tapping the screen. This is very convenient.

If you want quit this mode, tap the red button.

You may see long web page on Apple Watch. The long page sometimes end in the middle of sentence. But, don’t worry. You can swipe left on the screen to see the next page.

If you like particular page, you can add it to your favorite list. You can easily jump to the page later.

You can also use Scribble for hand writing to input search word. But, please be careful. Scribble is acceptable for a few languages such as English. If you are not English speaker, try the force touch in this screen to change the language to English.

Finally, this movie guide is done with the paired iPhone set on airplane mode. However, my Apple Watch worked and could search the web information. This means Apple Watch search something independently without iPhone.

This is kind of unique feature as well.


Search Web Text like GoogleAll you need is to add web text on your favorite list.Abstract text information from internet with key words.Block unnecessary heavy contents from ad.Apple Watch works independently without iPhone to search.