Relationship between memory and size

The bigger the object is, the more carefully people pay attention and it occupies the image in the brain. This is very natural. Let’s try this phenomena. First, close your eyes and image some beautiful view you have ever visited. You may realize you tend to recollect the scene according to its size. A big mountain, sea or building? They would come first unconsciously.

Then, is it enough to only show some big advertisement for marketing purpose? I have to admit the way of Coca Cola company to show some big advertisement in baseball stadium would be very effective. However, I can tell there is the other meaning of size which may occupy your memory.

The one I wanted to say is what is called “presence”. In some case, even if it is the small object, it somehow sticks around on our mind. One of the good example is Pikachu from Japanese famous animation character. Even the man who is not so familiar with Pokemon like me would know it in Japan.

So, what features cause the presence of Pikachu? I would say how strong or cute could be the factors of presence. Then, what is the meaning of presence?

To tell the truth, people evaluate the object relatively. That is why we have to remember that there are those which are not big, not strong or not cute. In other words, they are those which gain the presence of others.

However, even the same object can be seen differently in some situation. See the sun in the blue sky at noon and then see the sunset at evening. In this case, the sun at evening can appear bigger than the sun at noon. To think the distance from the earth, the size can not change scientifically. When the sun is near to the horizon, the other object like a big building can be seen as well. In this way, people compare the size unconsciously and see it as if it appears bigger that it is.

For now, I am very surprised that the official note APP from Apple doesn’t have the function which enable the size of letter to change even though it has a lot of useful functions. As I said above, people see the object relatively. Especially, it is strongly related to the sight of your eyes. This means each of us always has the appropriate size for reading. It will affect your memory. The reason why I added the function of changing letter is based on this. It may be a little thing but is important for memory.