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Movie subtitle can be your flash card with painting.Screenshots of movie can easily installed into your word book.Photo pictures from your album can be available for flash card.



Record your speaking voice for conversation practice


At the test mode, you can review your weak point with efficient test rate system.

When I was a child, I liked a lot of riddles. They were always something new to me and sounded like magic. The more difficult to solve they were, the more I was interested in. I still remember the joy of solution in my childhood. And now, I would like to share the joy for educational purpose. For my App, I named it as “Catch Questions”. In English, the name may include the bad image which is usually made in some examination from a stubborn teacher. But, please don’t worry! My intention is more positive usage. I just chose the title because it sounds like a “cat” of my favorite animal. Anyway, whatever the examination, the research, the study or the training is, I recommend you to use some unique riddle. The trickier it is, it will stick around your brain. And, you will think the subject deeply and sometimes discover your own goal as I created this App. I hope my App to be useful for your creation, especially for your study of foreign language, presentation speech, academic research, programing and music composition. Catch Questions are made according to 5 concepts for efficient brain memory.Let me show them as follows;

1. Repeat Practice
Repeat Practice is a basic way to remember something. However, the important point is that you have to repeat your practice at the timing you almost forget. In Catch Questions, you can set your own question's rate for repeat practice. So, you can focus on your weak point of some subject by increasing the rate. It will enable you to study anything easily and efficiently.
2. Chain Memory
If you have several questions for same kind topic, I recommend you to connect them. One of unique features of my App is you can set “Catch Word” as the title. This will enable you to associate your questions and answers.
3. View Image
Human memory gets strong as the subject becomes brilliant and bright. It is impossible to remember everything by using only letters or numbers. So, what should we use? Why don’t you use your album collection of pictures? If you are emotionally moved while you are learning something, your memory gets strong and may produce the origin of creation.
4. Creative Speech
The goal of Catch Questions is creation. Not by rote, please pull gradually your precious memory with your unique idea. That is the way to discover your inspiration. To do this, I recommend you to speak naturally to yourself and record your own speech from several points of view. Yes, Catch Questions can record your speech. For output skill, speaking makes more errors with some sudden questions than writing but your true intention, hope and dream are hidden in their errors. So, listen to your honest comment of your heart with your catch questions.
5. Social Incentive
In the end, what the most important part is your motivation for doing anything. It is very difficult to continue something solely and it is very lonely if nobody see your work. Catch Questions provides unique community through its BBS. In this BBS, you can share your questions. Someone with your same vision may answer your question. And not only this but also you can download your friend’s questions and answers in your iPhone easily. You can catch various questions here.
* For foreign language study
If your default keyboard on iPhone does not have the foreign one you are studying like French or German, please add it from iPhone setting by the following procedure.
iPhone Home button -> Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard… -> !Choose your favorite keyboard here
From iPhone General Setting, you can add foreign keyboard to study different language.For Catch Questions Example, English, German, French, Spanish, Italy, Japanese, Chinese and Korean are available.
Available iPhone foreign keyboards for now 3/22 2016 are as follows;
Arabic, Bengali, Cherokee, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hinglish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay,Marathi, Norweigian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Japanese


One of the most recommended ways to use Catch Questions is learning foreign language. Of course, you can learn your first language by using Catch Questions. It is intended to be used for studying any language. As Japanese, I wanted some App like this for studying English when I was student but there was no App that I really wanted at that time. So that is why I came up with the idea that I should make the App someday by myself.

The language skill is generally categorized as Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. But, what is the weakest point for us to learn foreign language? For Japanese, it was thought to be that studying Speaking is the most difficult. There may be some reason of our culture and country back ground about this problem. For example, there is little opportunity to meet foreigner in Japan or almost no chance to use foreign language except through Internet. I have studied English at least for 20 years but I still fell the weak point to tell the truth. Many of Japanese who never lived in foreign country like me might feel it as I.

However, for my opinion, I think the most important problem is the educational structure of ours. I mean in typical educational school, students are being scored by some test to evaluate who is superior or not. How about your country? And, it is difficult to score someone’s speaking skill. For positive point of the view, without the evaluation of speaking skill, it may become an equal examination for anybody because it is easily affected by personal judgement. On the other hand, if we continue this education, the adults who cannot speak well will definitely increase.

Then, how important is the speaking skill for us? Most of adults at least in Japan may see it is not so important because of the educational background. However, in these 4 skills of language, which one did you acquire at first from your birth? Is there any baby who cannot speak but can listen, read or write? I have to admit the speaking skill is the most fundamental from them. And, why I mentioned this so much is that most of our creative idea comes with speaking. You may not do oral speaking but at least you speak something in your mind when you come up with some unique idea. So, that is why I hope you to review the importance of speaking skill. I actually came up with the idea of Catch Questions by continuing speaking in my mind. If you acquire several languages, the potential will doubled or tripled.

Now, let me show you how to study speaking on Catch Questions. First of all, don’t speak by rote. While speaking, I recommend you not to see the sentence but to see the image. Some keywords to increase your idea may be acceptable but the sentence of your mind will decrease your creative speech. Who speaks your first language seeing some sentence in your ordinary communication? In addition, human memory with some image tend to be stronger in your mind than with some sentence. You may afraid of some errors while speaking but I believe the error or the different expression sometimes becomes the origin of your creation. I would like you to record the creation with Catch Questions.

From the repeat study of speaking like this, you will acquire your own words from various language. And, the more you learn languages, the more chance you will get for your life.

Hope to see your creative speech!