Visual Image for speaking skill

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You can also see the script as follows;


Today, I will show you how to use your photo for language study on Catch Questions.

On daily conversation, most of people talk watching some visual image.

However, people, especially beginners, tend to forget it in case of foreign language.

I think you would rather forget some perfect sentence on text book. That will harm your speaking skill.

Some of the partial sentence may works well but I think the visual image is what you should remember and is necessary for smooth conversation. So, please try to improve your speaking skill with the image photo of Cath Questions.

Now, let me show you the setting of picture for your study.

If you have your favorite movie like this, please use it.

And here, let me show you on the APP.

And, go to the Question setting page.

Tapping the camera button at the lower left, you can set the picture.

The picture can be enlarged by pinch out.

At the previous page, you can also confirm it there.

You can also set your picture from your iPhone library.

Of course, you can roll it like this.

After the setting of picture, it is time to start the test from the paper button.

For the first question, I was welcomed by my cat when I went home. So, let me try it in Japanese for the speaking training.

1 家に帰ると、いつもこの猫が私を歓迎してくれます。

Now, you can check it here.

For the second question, my cat is playing on my shoulder. So, let me try it in Japanese again.

2 私の猫は私の肩に乗ることが大好きです。

After the test, go back to the previous page and the setting page,

You can also check your voice record here.

Well, that’s all for this video. Thank you.