The memory of brain with spoken and written languages.

The ratio of input into human brain is 80% from visual information, 10% from hearing and 10% from others, like smelling, tasting or tactile sensation.

So, if you go to job interview or make some presentation, please take care of your visual appearance, such as posture, facial expression or cloths you wear. They would be one of your key evaluations rather than what you say.

Why I developed this kind of iPhone Speaking APP with pictures is based on this reason. You have to make your own phrase list from spoken languages with the image. The spoken language is strongly connected with the visual image. Please review and trim your written languages as much as possible.

Of course, written languages are very useful to remember something. But too much information from written languages would rather be harmful for your speaking.

As audience, people always prefer simple phrase. If your speech is too long, they soon cannot keep up with what you speak. Japanese government often use this technique
to make explanation apology with written language. In this kind of specific situation, this may be useful. But for ordinary people, this is very rare so please train your speaking with spoken language.

As I told on the video instruction, I added the new function to my APP. It is called “Text Speech”. You can pull the green task bar by dragging down with two fingers.

Especially for beginners those who study foreign languages, it is impossible to start to speak something without the basic words or phrases. So, it is fine to write something on text area with written language. The point is that what you should do after you make some text.

In “Text Speech”, you can play the sound and listen to it with 8 kinds of languages. I want you to trim your text to make simple phrase while listening to it. It may be difficult to determine if you should trim them or not by yourself. In that case, I would recommend you to ask your family or friends to hear your “Text Speech”. It sounds strange for them. There is the possibility that you should trim your speech.

Again, please remember that your audience only use 10% of the memory for hearing. The simpler message you use, the better speaker you sounds. This is the key of speaking skill.