Mark magic on your textbook enables you to focus it!

In some school in Japan, students are often provided with some useful tools for their study. They are intended to be used in order to mark the important part on textbook. The tools are typically combination of pen and green underlay. The pen is called “check pen”. It looks ordinary marker but when it is used with the underlay, the magic occurs. Once you cover the page of textbook with the underlay, the marked part cannot be seen through the underlay while the other part can still be seen. With the mixed colors of red and green, the important part appears to be in black.

When I was a student, I actually would use the “check pen” from Zebra for studying, which is shown below.

Check pen from Zebura


It is actually effective to mark some important parts in red line on text book. However, the point would be that you can hide only them temporarily. Most of mammalians are especially interested in what can hardly appear. As you know, the famous playing of peek-a-boo is well known all over the world. Even my cat likes it.

On the other reason, you can distinguish the part of what you should not remember in this way. The less you have to remember, the more efficiently your memory of your brain store the subjects.

As I said at my previous blog, the big keyword which totally reflect your subject can be the ignition of your memory. This means you only remember the keyword so that the surrounding things would naturally be recalled with it.

To imagine this, please try to remember what ingredients are contained in the dish from the restaurant you lately visited. You would not directly recall the detailed ingredients. Most of people would recall the complete dish on the table and then indirectly try to find the contents in your image.

In the end, you always have what you don’t have to remember because some keywords can help you to remember. So, why don’t you clean your memory?

In my APP Catch Questions, you can store the image of picture. In this function, you can paint your hand writing on your photo. So, it is also intended to mark important parts on the picture of the page from your textbook. Yes, you can hide them with peek-a-boo.

How do I clear the marked part?

This is the new function. With the long press of picture, you can clear your drawing so that you can check the answer!