Increase your memory with location recognition

In ancient Greece era, there was a way to remember the subject with location recognition. The way to your work place was used for some people to remember things. On the specific points, they put what they wanted to remember beside the road in their mind. It was very convenient.

Even now, this method is being used at various situations. There is a story about a guy of world memory champion that he won too much playing Black Jack and was banned from Las Vegas. He could remember all the shown cards with the location recognition.

For the familiar ways, have you ever found or tried some? I think PC desktop is the one of them. As the folder management, it would be very easy to remember the location of your file.

On the other hand, how about the home view of smart phone? The row of app is automatically sorted and is very beautiful but somehow it is hard to remember the location.

For the remembering point of view, too beautiful is not good. The free-flow layout would be helpful for your brain to remember. It may be kind of disgusting when one of the folders is dislocated out of a line. But, the location of the folder becomes easy to remember as this strangely located folder.

From this respect, I wanted to show folders on Catch Questions as the free-flow layout and came up with the idea that they should be shown on Map. I named it as Map Mark. Please try it at the lower center book mark button from the first view of this app.

The recommended memory road in your mind should be the commuter pass to your daily work place or school. Please try it.