Believe your wisdom rather than your knowledge.

Judging people from what they knew or not would no longer be recommended nowadays. 

On some TV programs at least in Japan, the kinds of Quiz show are still hot and they are occupied for prime time so often. For any kind of question, the answer does always exist. And, those who answer correctly so much would gain the title of clever. If you see it as only a game, it may be fine. But, too much programs like this would be harmful especially for children. They may misunderstand the world of view. 

With Google search on internet, you can easily get the answer for any kind of topics these days. So, how much knowledge you have in your brain would be meaningless or would not be evaluated any more.

I think what is important for future would be to make some mistake and to review the wrong answer. In this way, you can gain the precious experience which could brush up your wisdom and could find the brand new solution.

There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom. Just what you knew is only a knowledge. The proper decision making while understanding the nature of subject would be the one of your wisdom. To gain this, you need the experience.

Then, how do you experience something?

The good experience comes from miserable or embarrassing failure which you cannot forget, not from successful one.

As for the quiz show, the wrong answer could be much more valuable rather than the correct answer. It may include some kind of idea people never come up with. And also, the process to reach the conclusion may be very reasonable.

So, I hope you not to hesitate to make the wrong answer for anything because it connects to your wisdom.