Speaking and Listening study with your original reference

Your favorite movie or private video would be your good support for your language study.


The explanation is from the following link.

Video Link


You can also see the script below.


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For the fifth section, I would like to introduce the unique function, which is called “Reference”.

At the last section, I showed you how to create the word notebook. This function is useful not only for speaking study but also for that kind of notebook.

Now, let’s start the explanation.

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First, after you start the APP, please go to Question setting page. At the upper right, tap the button, named “reference”.

You will see this alert and copy and paste your favorite web url. You can go to your favorite web page whenever you want.

You can also make a link for your video in your iPhone. In this time, please tap video and set your video link at first. For the next time, you can go to your video easily. This is very useful if you have many video files in your iPhone.

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You may find GOOGLE button here so let me explain it, too. It may be difficult to make web url link so in that case, you can just search something with google and add the web link easily.

For example, if you want to refer to the definition from web dictionary, you can make the link. In addition, you can also make the screen shot. But please be careful if you already set some picture. With this screen shot, you have to overwrite it.

Now, check them at the previous page and here is the link you made from GOOGLE.

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As you can see, the reference function will be applied for many purposes. One of the recommendation from me would be movie partial record for your speaking study.

If you are studying English or the other foreign language, youtube or the other video site will be very helpful.

Finally, it is time to start your test. At the test mode from the paper button, you can also refer to your original reference. The link will change by question.

For the first question, you can refer to the video. Second, the link will be dictionary for the word of “捕まえる”. And, the last question, you can refer to the partial movie from youtube. This is very helpful for your listening study, too.

Well, that’s it for today.
Thank you for your listening.