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Stock Trade Hint | iOS Apple APP



Catch Questions Series 17th. I will show you iOS APP named Stock Trade Hint in this video.

Professional stock trader has its strong policy, or discipline.
Global famous investor Warren Buffet, known as “Sage of Omaha” also had a lot of disciplines for his trading rule.

However, no professional traders had any discipline at the beginning. As you know, everybody used to be novice when he started to trade. Even Warren Buffet was one of them. At the age of 11, he started to buy some shares of Cities Service and experienced big unrealized loss. Right after the price went back to the original price, he soon sold them. But on the other hand, the stock price continued to rise and finally became about 6 times as high as the price was. From this experience, he developed the first policy; “Be patient”.

This kind of disciplines may be ordinary idea but definitely difficult to take into action properly.

- Sold early
- Stopped loss late
- Lost the timing

Have you ever experienced them?
To remind you of some important disciplines, I developed this app. Based on the machine learning system of AI, this will support for you to realize the ultimate policy and keep it in your mind.

Now, let’s see how it looks.
After you start this app on iPhone, roll the slot at first.

Various of trading disciplines or hints will show up on the yellow text area.
AI will learn these hints in the slot.

You can edit them as you want and can also create a new hint in the slot.
Don’t forget to press SAVE button after you edit.
To delete some saved items, press DELETE button.

After you finish editing, press ROBO button.
AI Robo will appear and start the machine learning.

AI Robo repeatedly picks up one of these trading hints.
After you check it, set the importance with the slider.
You can also hear the voice message with PLAY button.
Next hint will be picked up based on the importance.
AI Robo automatically calculate the importance and decide which hint is suitable for you.

This app can also works on Apple Watch.
The procedure to learn is as same as iPhone’s.
But be careful. You need to call some menu button with force touch.

Well, thank you for watching my video.

Professional stock trader has its strong policy. Stop loss qucickly, average down slowly!Let's learn it with AI Robo. Deep Learning Yes No Is it important?Call Robo for you to review important trading hints. Stop loss quickly, average down slowly. Top for 3 days, bottom for 100 days. Don't touch the dropping knife. Repeat SpecificallyAdd your own hints and realize your ultimate policy. Create, select and modify them here. Force TouchWhat is your stock trade policy? Your robo will study it and tell you. Machine Learning