Your original vocabulary notebook!

How to create your original vocabulary notebook with iPhone APP Catch Questions is shown at the following LINK .

Here is th script.

In this session, let me talk about how to create vocabulary notebook.

This App is for your speaking training but you have to learn basic vocabulary at first. So, this is very useful for this purpose.

The settings of voice record, test-rate and picture are necessary. If you don’t know it, please refer to the previous video. I will not explain that in this time.

Now, let’s start it.

You may learn some particular foreign language like French or German. In that case, please take a time to see the default keyboard setting.

From iPhone setting,

Go to;
General -> Keyboard -> Keyboard -> Add New Keyboard

Now please add your favorite language. You can create vocabulary notebook for the language.

After the setting, start Catch Questions.

At the Catch page, you can name the vocabulary notebook.

In this time, let’s say Japanese note for the vocabulary notebook.

At the questions page, there are 3 Japanese words.

In Japanese, they are 猫、捕まえる、キャッチクエスションズ.

Let’s set their meaning in English.

猫 means cat, animal.
捕まえる means catch, verb.

And for this long word,
the name will be cut so please check the complete word from this button if necessary.

キャッチクエスションズ means the Japanese name of this app, Catch Questions.

Now, go back to the previous page and start the test.

The meaning of text you made is called after tapping this pencil button.
And continue to the next question. Please think the meaning and check the answer like this.

For the third question, you can also type text here at the test. So, let me type it as iPhone APP.

After the test, go back to the previous page. And from the question setting page, please confirm it is reflected here.

So, the test can be used as the writing test, too.

Well, have a nice day and nice APP.
Thank you.