for efficient repeat study

With iPhone APP Catch Questions, you can set the test-rate.


Here you can see how it works from this LINK.


You can also the script as follows;


In this video, let me explain one of the main function for iPhone App Catch Questions.

Today, I will talk about the test rate, or t-rate.

If you would like to have some notebook for studying words, it’s worth to have a look.

Now, let’s see.

There are two words, “increase” and “decrease”.

Of course, you can set more words here but in this time, I set only two words because it is easier for you to understand.

For their test rate, you can check them here. 50% for increase and 50% for decrease. Both of them are equal rate.

Let’s start the test.

Select the 10 test by test rate.

For the first question, xx appeared. How often the questions appear depends on the test rate in this mode.

Let’s proceed the test without recording.

Now, you can see both of questions appear at the equal rate.

For the next time, I will change the rate. Increase is about 80%. On the other hand, Decrease is about 20%.

Let’s start the test.

The question of increase appears than decrease.

Finally, let me talk about test switch.

For your language study, you may focus on some particular words. In that case, you can switch off for unnecessary words like this.

Now go back to the previous page. You can see the black background for unnecessary words. Please be careful. Even if you increase the rate for the unnecessary word, it does not appear on the test.

You can see only the word of appear.

Well, that’s all for this video. Thank you.