Danshari: the blocking, throwing and going away method for remembering

There is a famous Japanese word of “断捨離“ or “Danshari”. It is used when you have to discard something you persist in. The general meaning is the less you have, the better you feel so you have to throw unnecessary things away.

The way of thinking can also be applied to your mind. It would enable you to focus necessary things with this method and to create something important.

“断捨離” is consists of three basic letters and each of them has the meaning.

“断” (Dan): Block unnecessary things
“捨” (Sha): Throw unnecessary things away
“離” (Ri): Go away from the persistence

This word is mostly used to clean our houses and it becomes Japanese boom because the space of Japanese houses tend to small. However, this can be used not only the house matter but also the brain issue. The memory of brain also has unnecessary things in our lives.

Different from the house, the brain cannot do one thing from the three letters. It is “捨” (Sha). Unless the nerve cell gets harmed, once you remember the subject, your brain physically keep it forever. It may feels you forget something but the subject actually stays in your brain and it sometimes would be brought back associatively.

So, I may have to tell you “断離”, not “断捨離” in case of the brain issue. And, the role of “断” becomes more important. Before you input some information, you have to select which part is necessary and block the unnecessary part. Please be careful of the first selection because you cannot throw it away after your remember.

The more you install unnecessary things in your brain, the more of limited nerve cells can be occupied with them and the more difficult to focus necessary information. The example of this phenomena is in Casino. Most of Casino plays the noisy BGM in their rooms and shows full of coins and beautiful ladies. This would fill your brain with the unnecessary information and harm the decision making. Without them like in some library, most of owner of Casino could not win so often. Some of customers could even realize what they should do rather than playing in Casino.

Anyway, in the latest update of iPhone APP Catch Questions, I added the new function of trimming picture. Even the one picture may has the unnecessary part. I hope this function could support your concentration and block the unnecessary information.