The still image teaches you the creativity, rather than the motion video.

If you learn something, don’t forget to create your originality based on what you learned. Learning is what is called “input” and the creating can be “output”.

There is no answer about your “output” so you may not feel you are studying. However, it is important. Actually, there are few things which have exact answers in the world so please review its necessity.

I would recommend you learn some phrases from your favorite movie but just a rote memorization is not good. After you learn them, try the speaking practice as the “output”.

Here, let me explain the tips about speaking practice. I would recommend you to use the still image rather than motion movie. One of the reasons is that motion movies occupy your iPhone’s storage but there is more important reason.

The disadvantage of motion movie is too perfect. In other word, the incomplete subject makes you learn more. You can add your originality if it is the still image. So, it is fine even if you mistake speaking foreign language. It is rather welcome because you can have a chance to review and think the reason of the problem. Your original or mistake connect strongly your memory and you can find the easier and simpler phrase which can be spoken at the actual conversation.

There is a big difference between what you just know and what you can use, especially in speaking. The training of the still image would fill the gap in this way.

But, be careful about this “output” practice. It is not recommended to start it before “input” practice. It is impossible to speak foreign languages without any knowledge at all. The “input” practice has to come first in any case.

There is no big mountain without the strong foundation. So, the basic practice is not what you can ignore.