Dividing the view of iPhone APP like iPad Pro

The recent update of synthesizing pictures may look the new function of iPad Pro’s multi-tasking in the point of view design.

The actual function is far from the one of iPad Pro. It is only handling two picture but the point of dividing view to handle two picture would be near. My view design can be available for even iPhone4s.

However, this is much more difficult to create than it looks. I had to review mathematics of x-axis and y-axis like high school student. This would be my first time to make the complex function which has so many argument as 7. This would be the most difficult function in my APP though it is very minor design as whole APP. The view’s aspect fit changes according to the device’s orientation and the size of picture so there were many check points to move the picture with two fingers, which is the most difficult part.

What you can do with new update is here.
- If your favorite subtitle is too long and comes from two scene, you can combine two kinds of subtitle with this synthesis of two pictures.
- If you have multiple fixed pictures, you can erase moving object like pedestrian from your picture.
- You can make 3-frame cartoon with your pictures.

For more information, please see video instruction of this homepage.