Lost Child and Pet Search | Apple iOS App

Lost Child and Pet Searchr | Apple iOS App


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I will tell you Apple Watch App titled “Lost Child and Pet Search”.

Please use this app with the other brother APP titled “Lost Child and Pet Alarm”. The former works as GPS signal sender and the latter works as the receiver with its alarm.

This app may sounds like “Find my iPhone” of Apple official App. But, it has the distinct functions from it so let me tell you at first.

1. You can confirm GPS information from your friend’s or family’s iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

2. The farther you are separated from the target, the quicker vibration like heartbeat pounds.

3. This app does not collect GPS information in background mode.

4. Silent red alarm works rhythmically to tell you the location information.

In addition, “Find my iPhone” on Apple Watch works as only the alarm to make some sound. But in this app, you can confirm how many meters you are from the target on Apple Watch. It does not use bluetooth but internet so there is no worry about the connection distance. Apple Watch can connect to the other Apple Watch, too.

Now, let me tell you how it looks like.
“Lost Child and Pet Search” is installed in this Apple Watch while “Lost Child and Pet Alarm” is in-stalled in this iPhone.

Af first, you have to set up for ID and keyword. Any letters in english or number would be fine for ID. You can tap auto button for easy set up. In this case, the current date will be your ID. On the other hand, as for Keyword, I would recommend you to create the easy one.

If you are not english speaker, please make a force touch here and change the language to english. And then, call scribble to set up it in english letters. As the example, let me type “Kwd” here.

You can now set up on your iPhone. Please type the same keyword here. My keyword was “Kwd”. Please be careful about the difference of big and small letters.

After this, start GPS on Apple Watch. The button of “Work GPS Once” is to send the signal of GPS at only one time. So, if you would like to confirm the real time location of target, I would recommend you to make force touch here and call the repeat buttons.

Now, let’s check the location of Apple Watch. Your GPS may have some error depending on your current location. But, the allowable margin of error would be about 5 m. Can you confirm the message of “too near”?

At the initial status, if you are separated from the target over 64 m, it will show you the message of “Got lost”. If you would like to change the level, tap this button below.

The other device which has the keyword of “Far” is very far from here. So, let me try to change my keyword to it.

The message of “Got Lost” is shown up.

Well, thank you for watching my video.

Your family got lost?Set an alarm at a distance from them!Confirm how many meters from target.Carry another apple device for GPS.Following two apps via internet can make GPS search and alarm. Lost Child and Pet Alarm Lost Child and Pet Search