Labeling of who is sperior

Human beings begin to distinct a person with the label of who is superior or not when they grow enough and are able to identify themselves.

Not only they but also the other animal which have some society tend to do this habit in their lifves. Boss monkey, master-slave relationship of dog and dominance hierarchy of chicken with peck are all what is called defensive instinct of higher organism.

For example, falcon and pigeon are often compared from the scientific view of ethology.

In case of falcon, because it lives independently, it has never known the society. In other words, it lacks the knowledge of who is strong or not. That is why when it comes with the fight between males, the fight continues until one of them injured critically.

On the other hand in case of pigeon, they have never injured with this kind of fight. It mostly ends up with threatening. Why they can do this is that they know well about the power of opponents while they live in the group of society. This can also be said for Japanese politician. They also tend to do this and sounds like what is called “chicken”. However, I admit it is the peaceful way with some knowledge.

This kind of thinking can also be seen in the famous phrase from military text by Sun Tzu in China; “Know your enemy, know yourself, and you shall not fear a hundred battles”. Historically, it may be the basic way for small and weak countries.

The instinct of labeling in this way may sound “bad habit” or rude. However, I think this is filled with humanity and instinctively connected with human mind. So, it would be easier to remember something with using this labeling method. Why not use this for educational purpose?

I added my iPhone APP Catch Questions with the function of labeling with T-rate, or Test-rate. It is meant to be used to label the subject for realizing if your question is your weak point or not so that you can study efficiently.

Now please try it!