The memory on your special day

The special days of your birthday, competition, examination or wedding could remind you of the vivid experience in your life.

See your pocketbook which is used for your work. I think any kind of pocketbook would have the calendar page which reflect your daily life. It is natural to remember your life according to calendar and this is the efficient and scientific way to keep your memory.

However, most of people hardly remember every day of the calendar with its event because such a special event would not occur so often. That is why we need to create ordinary or subsidiary days depending on the big event as scheduling.

In case of wedding plan in Japan, we would hold a meeting with consultant several times, would make a preliminary inspection of the church, cuisine and present for visitors and arrange some time for your friends who help us at the wedding.

Actually, those who spend meaningful life are good at scheduling. They tend to speak something well, have tremendous memory and soon come up with some solution whenever they encounter some crisis or they fail in something.

This kind of people always have the detailed calendar in their mind. This may be because they get moved more than usual in their daily life.

From the famous athletes in Japan, the pro golfer, Ryou Ishikawa and the baseball player, Ichiro have some common story about this. When they were elementary students, they wrote the detailed essay like “To do list” for future. Those who accomplish great achievements always keep the schedule of calendar in their mind. That is why they can know what they should do now and keep to train themselves every day. This habit will make their imagination and be the good experience as well.

From the update of v2.02, I inserted the new function of calendar into my APP: Catch Questions. Why I did it is that I wanted to make some relation between the question you come up with and the calendar. Not only the question but also the idea should be reviewed the day before and after the time when you create it.