Stock Trade Indicator | iOS Apple APP

Stock Trade Indicator | iOS Apple APP



Catch Questions 18th Series, I will show you iOS APP: Stock Trade Indicator in this video.

At the previous series, I showed the other iOS APP: Stock Trade Hint. This app also uses the same kind of algorithm in AI machine learning system.

As you know, there are a lot of indicators such as PER, PBR, RSI or ROE in stock trading. You have to watch the several indicators at once and make some decision considering everything.

Besides, most of them are shown by number and they sometimes confuses us.

That’s why I created this app to let AI Robo do the tough work and calculate them.

Now let me show you how it looks.

After you start the app, you can see some example for each row. They are examples of indicators for stock trading.

You can also see the number of % at each row. This is what is called Robo rate. It will reflect the im-portance which AI Robo calculates based on your trading style.

The default is 50% so please check this number after the machine learning. They will change automat-ically later.

OK, let’s start the deep learning.
Please press ROBOT button at the upper left.

While machine learning, the indicators are shown with some random number. Try to press SKIP button several times and you can see how the numbers change.

When you find the good combination of numbers, slide the bar under the yellow text area. This will reflect how much you bet for the result of indicators. And, press DONE button at the upper right.

Please repeat this procedure for several times. Whenever you press DONE button, AI Robo learns your trading style.

After you finish the machine learning, go back to the previous page from BACK button. You will see how the percent number changes. You can sort these indicators according to the number. To do this, press BAR GRAPH button at the upper right.

After you confirm how the machine learning works, please create your original indicator from ADD button at the upper right. For example, let me input Dow Jones Industrial Average. I will type it as Dow.

New indicator will be added at the top row. Please don’t forget to set the detailed information after you create it.

At first, you need to set the impact value. This shows if the indicator is the higher, the better or the lower, the better. If you like stock trade rebound, I would recommend you select Lower Better for this value.

Next, you need to set the max and the min number. At the machine learning, the random value will be between them. Let me set +1000 and -1000.

The mode value is the number which will be frequently shown at the machine learning. World econo-my is doing well recently so let me set it as +100. In this way, + number will be shown more than - number.

Finally, let me set Change Effect. This will affect Robo rate directly. Please use this if you think the number is very strong for you. The default is 1.0 but if you set it as 1.1 or 1.2, the higher Robo rate will be made than usual.

I explained the example so far for Long position. But, you can switch it to Short position. Please re-member red letters is for Long position while blue for Short. For short trader, an unusual rise of Dow will be the timing to bet so I would recommend you to set Higher Better for the impact value instead of Lower Better. In this way, several values will have to be changed so please confirm them before starting the machine learning.

I will also release the app for Apple Watch, too.
The system is almost as same as the one of iPhone.

But please remember one thing.
To start the machine learning, make a force touch at the top page.

Well, thank you for watching my video.

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