Ignition of your memory with keyword

Google and Yahoo search engine would be our part of the life for now.
Let me review the meaning of keyword in our mind.

When we search something on internet, we start to think about the keyword which represents what you are finding. Even when you think something within your mind, it would be the same thing.

For example, let’s try to recall what you did last week.

Most of people cannot recall all of the things immediately unless the day was so special. They tend to start to think whom they met, what they ate, or where they were and search the memory with some familiar things as the keyword.

When one of the things hits your memory, the ignition occurs explosively. In case of me, I like to go some French restaurant. So, the keyword of “Oyster bar” helped me to remember the day. With that word, I gradually recalled the scene of people in line waiting for the restaurant to open, the amazing cheap price, full of oysters on dish and the taste of white wine I ordered. The surrounding detailed memory depends on the keyword of “Oyster bar”.

So, it is very efficient to remember the detailed things in this way though it appears complex and may take a while. I would recommend you not to aim the memory directly but to start to collect the surrounding memory which is familiar with you when you encounter something you forget.

The keyword method is useful not only for recalling but also for saving.

Most of students would not remember the complete sentence of historical text book. They tend to remember the famous event or person as the keyword at first. This way can be applied to your daily life.

However, please be careful. It depends on what you like or not. There are actually those who are not good at history even if they understand the way to remember. This is because even the keyword they choose are hard to remember.
How you choose the keyword would be important in your mind.