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How surprising you have a voice recorder in your portable phone! If you are musician, you are the very person to take a look at it. When I was a high school student, I had an experience to compose music for hobby. At that time, there was a music sequencer which shaped like a lunch box. I used to make some music with the heavy gadget. It had several music parts of melody, accompany or rhythm and I had to type musical notes for each part with its uneasy controller. However, once I managed to finish composing, it was unforgettable and marvelous time for me to listen to my own music with each note synchronized.

I hoped a little I could have the easier controller while was satisfied with its function of synchronization for musical notes. From that experience, I realized we always seek the easiest way not only for composing but for everything. In the end, at the beginning of composing, I used to rely on voice recorder or handwriting of music sheet even if it was the highest technology at that time because they were much easier to save and I tended to miss the precious tune in my mind handling the controller uneasily.

Nowadays, we can compose music with PC rather than this kind of specialized gadget and many of convenient applications are available. My point of the view may already be old anymore. So, Catch Questions would not compete with the high technological things. Sorry, if you have some expectation for Catch Questions’ ability to compose. I just wanted to review the role of voice recorder and handwriting of music sheet which sometimes defeat high technology even though many kinds of composing application with great function continued to be created since the music sequencer. So, how about your way to compose for now? You still use the traditional way of composing?

If your answer is Yes, I hope you to try Catch Questions!

Now, let me feature Catch Questions for composing purpose below. It may look only a primitive voice recorder. However, it has the well function as smartphone.

1. While shopping, at restaurant or on the way to home…
Have you ever experienced you came up with some beautiful tune when you went out? Only if you had carried pen and music sheet, you could have saved the tune. But now, you forget it forever. It is now said that people carry phone more often than pen. If it is iPhone, how about carrying Catch Questions, too? So, the first thing is an easy portability. You can hum to compose your original music with Catch Questions when you are out. Your performance with guitar for example could be saved with it at a studio, too.

2. Organizing file system
You may come up with your nice melody at first before intro part. It also may be ending part at the beginning. But, don’t worry! Catch Questions can change the order of your parts anytime. Catch Questions is composed of two main items named Catch word and Question word. You can set your music title as Catch word and the music part as Question word. And the order of Question item you set can be changed while Question item has several voice records. Just simply, you can see Catch Questions as a folder manager of music file.

3. Picture could be music sheet!
When it comes to be a professional composers, they sometimes create their music from getting some inspiration of a beautiful painting. If Catch Questions is used in this way, I really appreciate it. However, most of people do not have such a skillful technique. Actually, you can save some pictures with your voice record on Catch Questions but this usage is very limited to a few people with genius skill. So, I would like to recommend you to use the picture to see your music sheet. Your hand writing can easily took as the picture with your original music!

I appreciate if Catch Questions could support your masterpiece!