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Why do human beings laugh? Compared with the other creatures, I could say there is no other animal than human who can laugh wisely with the well-developed nerve system.

Biologically, the action of laughing is so quick that it seems what is called an unconditioned reflex like beriberi. (My cat is so sensitive for it anyway.) However, while our leg react to this kind of stimulus repeatedly with its same level, we cannot laugh so much for repeated remarks. On the other hand, exceeded consecutive remarks somehow can contribute to contemptuous laugh.

Then, should we see it as a conditioned reflex? It is said to be higher level than unconditioned because the stimulus has to go through the brain. It means the reaction require the memory on the brain. The good example of this is Pavlov’s dog which increased the secretion of saliva with the stimulus of bell-sound.

For my opinion, I think laughing cannot be categorized in them. It is far from both of the reflex actions. Can you laugh seeing the script of comedian before he performs? It is impossible for me. I believe the true laughing always come without our expectation and exceed our imagination.

So, I would see it as intelligence action which is the highest ability from Ethology. It reacts beyond experience and creates new action. It might be the creative imagination.

Anyway, on this page, I wish Catch Questions could contribute to not only professional comedians but also those who plan to hold some performance or talk at New Year or Christmas parties or to make some speech at your friend’s wedding or to hold a show with your colleagues. These opportunity always come suddenly. So, please prepare for them with Catch Questions! Using this, you can also train your presentation skill by yourself. One little laughing with your presentation sometimes catch the hart of your audience. How about making your special punch line with Catch Questions?

Here are the tips for the training of laughing.

Catch Questions compose of two main items named Catch and Question. You can see Catch as folder name and Question as file name. Your Catch name should be the title of your show or things to talk about. And, your Question could be the punch lines of your performance. At the test mode, you can encounter a lot of punch lines you made randomly so you can experience live performance on iPhone. If you come up with some new idea for the performance, you can also attach some memo to your Question as well as can record your voice to talk.

I believe the high skilled laugh could be achieved with the live performance.

Laughing for your better life!