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In this chapter, I would like to show the usage of Catch Questions for those who works as researcher. As for the term of research, I see it is categorized into various jobs such as food, medicine, car or house. On the other hand, the academic major of mathematics, biology or economics are all based on the knowledge of researches so not only adults who actually works but also students would be so-called researcher if they are in duty of some study. Whatever they really are, I appreciate if I could support those who try to produce something new in the world.

Through my current job, I lucky have many chances to meet some researchers and see their hard work by my eyes and feel the importance in our lives. From laboratory researcher who do experiment with a flask, dedicated doctor who try to produce brand new equipment for medical device to professor who works hard with his students to discover the new theory, it may be difficult to just say it is the job of research. However, whatever the research is, I believe there are some necessary factors to continue research. So, what do you think they are? (This kind of questions could be the very one of the Catch word.) There may be a lot of factors but from my point of views, I would say they are Vision, Patience and Adventure spirit. From these factors, the vision is what Catch Questions may support.

Solid vision of yours would be the base of your research so the out of focus eventually could results in you lose your purpose and have to end your precious work without any evaluation from others. Such an important vision could be reviewed with the Catch Word of this App.

Yes, the Catch word could be your vision as well as the goal title of your research. And after that, you add your continuous questions to it. Let me show you an example. In case of cat research, you can set natural instinct of cat as the Catch Word. Then, you can add Q1: Why are they playful with toy? Q2: Are they really satisfied with it?, Q3: The younger, the more playful? Now, you can note your subject like this.

You may say a pen and notes may be enough to do only this. Why does it have to be iPhone? Your answer is correct if you do only this. That is why I hope you to review the capability of picture and record. iPhone can combine various media system into one by using App. Besides, for people nowadays, it is said that they bring rather smart phone to go out than a pen and notes. Next, let me show you the example of how to apply the functions to your study.

1. Utility Picture
For research purpose, you have to read many papers at first. You can have them from some publisher or internet such as pub med. I also read a lot of papers in my life and realize most of what the author want to tell are often condensed into “fig” or “table”. This kind of charts contribute to review the paper in our mind. Visual image are in the end, easy to bring and keep your memory. The question of Catch Questions can keep the picture and you can review them repeatedly. If you feel some inspiration about the paper you read, please catch the picture like this. Not only papers but also your hand writing memo also becomes the picture of your collection. It is often said that your first idea could be the best for your research. Before you dispose of your idea’s memo, why don’t Catch Questions keep it as your creation?

2. Utility Record
One of the attractive points about record function is it can save your live voice with your emotional expression. The live voice is difficult to be kept in your mind only by letters. Even if it is by handwriting, the thing is same. And the emotional motivation could be the element of your research. The other attractive point is it does not fix your free idea so much and you sometimes make mistake while saying something repeatedly. Are you afraid of the mistake? No, you shouldn’t. I would rather say it is your precious creation. Brand new idea always comes with the difference between your knowledge and your output. Once you write down your original idea, it is difficult to make a different point of view so I would recommend you to keep your original answer at the beginning you start something with your voice recorder. In this way, your idea could expand freely and could be the origin of genius creation.

For your best research!