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Presentation skill is necessary for any business person. You may imagine you have to go on stage, have a microphone, show some slides of Power Point or Keynote and make a speech of the future like Steve Jobs. But I mean it includes any small scale one. For example, the daily work of sales rep for selling, making a comment at business meeting and job interview with supervisor are all what is called presentation.

This kind of skill is basically and strongly related with your performance evaluation and may contribute to your promotion or good salary and your wealthy life. On the other hand, it is hard to learn in school. Of course, in some advanced countries like United States, it is popular to make a debate discussion in particular universities. But, I think the natural skill is not achieved in school but mostly in your daily life. And it has to be improved by yourself to be genuine. From my personal experience, somehow those who are doing poorly in school but have many friends tend to make an excellent presentation.

While I mention this, I have to admit it is very difficult to confirm which presentation is objectively and truly excellent one. In the end, it depends on the personal view of audience. In addition, moving audience by hart is actuary required for professional. Those who have many friends are the living evidence of capturing friend’s harts so it may be natural that their performances are popular.

Catch Questions may not be needed for these guys with the natural presentation skill. It is rather intended to be used for someone without it. And I would like to support those who are not good at presentation but dedicated and enthusiastic. These kind of people often have the particular genius ability but lose the chance of promotion only because of the lack of presentation skill. I actually have seen friends of mine like this in my life.

It is true that one’s looks, the introduction before presentation or the direction of light up or stage decoration are sometimes counted for good presentation factors. So, I don’t say it is enough that you only use Catch Questions. I only say Catch Questions could support you as far as it could. So, I hope you to use it as one of your supporters.

Now, let me show how to use Catch Questions for the training.

1. Set your situation of your presentation
The Catch word can be the title of the situation. For example, Job interview, sales work or meeting of some research, any situation would be fine to connect your questions.

2. Add potential questions to the catch word
In particular situation, there are frequent and typical and questions. These kinds of questions should be added to your catch word. If you would like to practice using Power Point or Keynote, I would recommend you to add a question one slide by one question because you can attach one picture to it as your slide. Later, you can also change the order as you wish.

3. Now, start your practice
After you make enough questions, start your practice. It is hard to move someone by hart without genuine words of your own. Those who talk a lot with friends naturally achieve their own words but who not would be recommended to practice with your questions. In Catch Questions, your questions can show up randomly at the test mode. In this way, the sudden question may discover your true words. So, record them and listen to them carefully. You can also adjust your question rate (T-rate) so that you can focus on your practice with your weak questions. This will enable you to practice efficiently.

4. Use your pictures
As I said above, you can set one picture by one question. You can make a screen shot from Internet or take picture from your slide of Power Point or Keynote. A fearful face of your supervisor or your memorable handwriting can also be a picture of Catch Questions. The point is to practice seeing the image, not seeing the sentence. Your own words become vivid in this way.

5. BBS of Catch Questions
The original bulletin board system is provided in Catch Questions. Here, you can meet a question of your friend. Your question may be answered by them. And, you can also download your favorite question into your iPhone.

CQ for your unique presentation