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I am still a novice in programing or IT knowledge. So, if you discover any error about Catch Questions, I hope you to let me know with your kind and generous heart. Anyway, even I think I have to tell IT is necessary for our world and the future. So, I hope Catch Questions could be helpful for programmers.

I have studied Swift and PHP for a while and the more I know about scripts for my program, the greater I see the wisdom of our ancestors are. It may be a simple operation expression if you see only one part. However, the potential could go beyond our imagination if you use it with others in a good combination. It may be the origin of creation and I appreciate I am on the stage which was arranged by our ancestor’s efforts.

Often, I encounter the script which works well and wisely but I cannot understand why or how it works. I am a little bit ashamed of saying this. But, for example from basic, why can the variables hold the value? The deeper of the basic I search, the more I come to realize I have to learn the world of zero and one. Whenever I do so, it reminds me it is impossible for only one person to see everything. That is why I think we have to borrow the great wisdom from our ancestors especially for IT works. If you forget it, you may lose your way in scripts-maze.

This may be my personal opinion but as the beginner of programmer, I could tell it is the nearest way to consider your way from your goal. And, that is the Catch word, which could be the goal of your IT works. Once you catch it, don’t miss it with Catch Questions.

Now, let me show you how to use Catch Questions.

First, set your goal of the program you work on and add Questions of scripts to it. Pictures of those you discovered on textbook or internet should be took and you can chain them to your questions. On the other hand, I would not recommend you to type the full script you like even though Catch Questions can save letters as well. The key word of script which can be searched on internet later should be saved on Catch Questions. Catch Questions is intended to be used to help your memory on the brain. And, your brain prefers the key word to the full sentence. How the script works would be fine to be saved on Catch Questions with simple words.

Here is the example of how to save them.

Catch1. Display Data
- Question1. UIAlertController
Memo: useful to show various messages in several situations
- Question2. ViewWillAppear
Memo: works whenever called instead of ViewDidload
- Question3. UItoolBar
Memo: a lot of buttons can be displayed easily on line
- Question4. NSUserDefault
Memo: the variable can hold the value

Catch2. Record Function
- Question1. UIPickerView
Memo: can be used as File Manager
- Question2. PathForDirectoriesInDomains
Memo: record file is located on the path
- Question3. AVAudioRecorder+Player
Memo: necessary for record and play

Catch3. Picture Control
- Question1. PickerController Camera
Memo: catch pictures from Camera
- Question2. PickerController PhotoLibrary
Memo: catch pictures from Library

In this way, when you stock enough of your questions, it is the time to use the function of voice record with its potential role. As you know, the purpose of this homepage is your creation. So, I recommend you to speak something while watching your collection of scripts and to record your voice message. Once you write your idea down on paper immediately, it becomes difficult to shift your point of view to another. It is too logical on writing to come up with your novel idea especially at the beginning stage. That is why I hope you to review the possibility of voice message. I believe your voice message could catch your strange but unique idea like a dream.

I sometimes see a genius programmer on TV drama or movie who remember all the scripts on world and can type them without any mistake. But, is this kind of ability really necessary nowadays? I would borrow the open source and consider the convention of them to work efficiently. (Sure, I have to learn a basic security, though.) I think it is not cheating to borrow the wisdom of our ancestors only if you feed it back with your little unique idea for the world. This knowledge communication could contribute to make the better world. And I wish I could give this back with Catch Questions.

I am proud of human ability of guessing the catched questions with idea.